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KTA portal
Link to KTA portal which enables you to upload your documents via a completely secure site.

This is the Irish Revenue's website, which contains a number of useful leaflets and guides. All the tax forms are also contained in this website.

Department of Social and Family Affairs
The Department of Social and Family Affairs website gives details of all social welfare payments (pensions, maternity benefit etc.). There are also a number of useful leaflets and guides.

Central Bank
The Central Bank website has historic exchange rates going back as far as 1979. The website is updated daily for key exchange rates and interest rates.

HM Revenue and Customs (UK)
The Inland Revenue website has all UK tax information and forms and leaflets. To access any UK forms click link above.

Irish Tax Institute
This is the website for the professional body for taxation affairs in Ireland. The ITI is involved in the administration and development of the Irish and EU tax systems. They provide professional development programmes, tax research and information, and a suite of publications covering the full range of tax topics.

Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI) 
CFI is a useful resource for clients interested in philanthropy and in ensuring charitable donations are managed in a structured and tax efficient manner.

Citizens Information
Citizens Information is an Irish e-Government website. The site provides comprehensive information on public services and on the entitlements of citizens in Ireland. The site gathers information from various government departments and agencies, and presents it in an easy-to-understand way.

Department of Enterprise, Trade & Innovation
This website is organised into six sections and provides information on employment (information and rights), international workers, EU and international information, consumer information and rights, Enterprise Science and Technology (for example starting your own business) and Legislation and Regulation.


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